Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Caramelised Mangoes to Bid the Mango Season Farewell

We were shopping at a small grocery store the other day when I noticed that they had a bargain bin; my Scottish heritage took over and we bought pretty much one of everything.

Most of the things were fine, but there were some mangoes in the mix that were just... well, they were clearly put in the bargain bin for a reason. I ate one by itself and it very nearly destroyed my great love of mango.

Making caramelised mangoes is a great way is using up mangoes that are just a bit past it (which most of them will be now that they're going out of season!), and are also a wonderful way of sneaking toffee onto your breakfast plate. The mango skins make the perfect bowl to scoop the deliciousness from.

If mangoes are well and truly gone from your local grocery, experiment with other fruit (bananas, oranges or even grapefruit, for example).

They mightn't look fancy, but gosh they taste good!

What You'll Need
Mangoes (as many as you have!)
Brown sugar (around 1/4 should suffice for 2-3 mangoes; I prefer dark brown sugar)
Salt (just the tiniest little bit!)

Grill pan

Now That You're Ready
1. Put a little oil in the grill pan and heat it up. Cut off the mango cheeks; you can cook the seed section as well if you want, but it doesn't cook as well.
2. Put the brown sugar and salt (half a twist/a pinch for each cheek (MANGO cheek!)) on a plate and mix together. Press each cheek into the mixture and place, flesh side down, into the grill pan.
3. Sizzle sizzle! Once the flesh is softer and the sugar has caramelised, turn each cheek 90 degrees so they'll have cross hatching.
4. When both directions of lines are burnt into the mango, flip it over and cook for about a minute on the skin side.
5. Remove from the pan; consume and enjoy!


  1. I hate that I'm allergic to mango skin.

  2. Sugar sugar sugar.... but it does sound delicious!

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  4. Ahhh this sounds amazing. Will give it a go soon =)


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