Friday, 16 March 2012

What More Can I Do? Honestly, Tell Me! (Civil Unions Again!)

Hi all,

I'd be very grateful if you'd be so kind as to read my post on the other blog, for Friday's post.

How do you mobilise people? How do you make people care? What is the nature of catchiness?

Basically - I need to reach more  people with the Civil Unions petition - I am starting to run out of time, and options!

By the way.. I swear I'm not making it up - The Academic has been mochi-crazy, and is still writing his recipe post. The choc orange pudding-filled mochi he has made is my absolute favourite. I never thought I'd enjoy mochi, but I love it. He also made a fantastic thai pesto dip the other day - I'm trying to get him to write a recipe for it.. You know how stubborn *some* men can be.. ;)

Take care - and thank you for your support,


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