Monday, 27 February 2012

Please Take A Moment To Support Same-Sex Civil Unions

Civil Partnerships/Unions have become legal and have already begun to take place between happy couples in Queensland, and all is well. The sky didn't fall, like some would have you believe.

But... an election is being held soon, which the Liberal National Party of Queensland (LNP) is likely to win.

The problem is this: the former Mayor of Brisbane and current leader of the Liberal National Party of Queensland, Mr Campbell Newman, was invited to a "Meet your Candidate" forum at the Ashgrove Baptist Church, 2pm, Sunday 26 February 2012. This forum was organised with the assistance of Wendy Francis, State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

ABC radio has reported that Mr Campbell Newman made comments, whilst at this forum, to the effect of this:
“In relation to, of, Civil Unions/Gay Marriage: Our position is very clear – we voted against the bill the other day and we said that if we get into Government and we can - we will repeal it..."
[Recording Source:]

Please sign this petition to show our politicians that the general community broadly supports Civil Partnerships, and will not allow this important legislation to be repealed:

Unfortunately, MPs regularly tell me that they hear from lots of people who are opposed to Civil Partnerships, but they rarely hear from people who support it. Please take a moment to show your support! 
 The Australian Christian Lobby has a petition with over 100,000 signatures in opposition to Civil Unions/Partnerships. Let's show them that although we are not necessarily bound by religion like them, that there are more of us who support Civil Unions/Partnerships than not.
My goal is to get at least 200,000 signatures in support of Civil Unions. We can do this!
We will not stand for families being separated. By signing this petition, you are helping to cement the rights of loving, committed couples!

Remember: The world is run by those who show up.


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  1. I would sign it if I could, but not being from Australia probably invalidates my signature. The governor of Washington State recently signed a same-sex marriage bill into law; now we just have to wait to see if the opposition will get enough signatures to put it to a vote in a general election. Wash. was also the first state to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

    On another more frivolous note, I was dismayed to discover that our Costco doesn't have the 11- pound box of vegan chocolate chips. Ever since you mentioned it, I've been a little obsessed.


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