Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Our Best-Ever New Year (It's not what you think!)

Our New Year (And I’m holding you to it)

I didn’t really want to do one of those obligatory New Year posts. I’ve never been one to make resolutions, because a “resolution” just doesn’t sit well with me. Also, if the whole world is crushing under the weight of their shared failed “resolutions”, I don’t want to associate myself with that. I’ll back the winning team, thanks.

I’ve noticed in life that many “experts” give advice, and many clinical trials are held (randomised, double-blind, controlled, you know, the gold standard) – but the outcomes, the advice is always wildly different, and generally contradictory. And we know that our intuition is a great guide, but we can’t always trust our guts – I know that after I’ve had a little bit of fat and sugar, my body will always pick more fat and sugar over something fresh and vegetable-based any day. But if I *start* with something healthy, based around vegetables, grains, legumes, or a *productive* pattern, I love it! And we all know that when our nutrition needs are actually met (rather than our caloric needs, without the vitamins), we feel satiated and stop eating. I rant and rave about how great things are, and follow them. I’m notoriously loyal and devoted, almost to the point of tunnel vision. But this year, I’m going to go back to doing what I do best – practising a little mental judo and directing myself in the direction I *want* to go – not the direction I happen to be going in.

What I will achieve this year (with your help, watching over me some of the way!) is to make sure that the paths I’m on are the ones I want to be on. I want be more aware of the moment, ensure my focus is shifted onto what is currently occurring, and ensure I’m heading in the right direction, and that I’m conscious of it. I work best and feel great when I’m busy. But when I get lazy, I detest anything at all. So I’ll make myself busy doing good things!

I want to be aware of my place and be in the moment.

The reason this has come up is – as spontaneous and erratic I can be – deep down, I’m a creature of habit. Deep-entrenched habits, schedules, cycles, and patterns. Tell me that I *have* to fit a schedule and I’ll fight you on it, be late, be somewhere else, but if it just happens, I’m secretly in my element, and will find solace in the stability and surety of what I know. Make something happen a few times and I’ll expect it and act accordingly. This isn’t about being boring – we all love a great twist of lime (or absinth) in our water, but we get to enjoy the twist more!

This year is about using my deep-seated desire for stability, continuation, zeal and loyalty for good. For myself, those around me, and the world. Trickily committing myself to causes, and directing my energy onwards to finish the job.

When I’m about to do something, sometimes I feel a little hesitant, seemingly without reason… If I listen to my thoughts really closely, I hear that it’s actually the little voice of procrastination in my head – the one that’s all about self-sabotage. Mostly, the procrastination isn’t for a productive purpose, and isn’t about caution and waiting for the right time (but if it is, I’ll be grateful and listen!)

Now I’m aware of my penchant for procrastination, I can listen to this voice, hear it for what it is, ignore it, and charge on ahead with my task! We all know how great it is to finish things, but we still can put things off forever. But usually, we eventually realise how easy and better it was just to do the thing in the beginning, without it becoming a huge “thing” in our heads.

I’ve already felt my direction shifting. I’ve changed my routine to waking up earlier, and getting to work earlier, so I can get home earlier. I never thought I was a morning person – but wow, I actually feel great. Fantastic. And I still have the same amount of energy at night! This is also about having a couple of servings of tiramisu, and enjoying every bite, not scarfing the entire tray without even so much as a taste.

This has been one of those “I” posts. I hope it’s not been terribly boring for you to read. What are the best tips you're going to use this year to ensure you're heading in the right direction?

This year has already been an amazing year for us. Here’s to all of the good we will do this year, and our journeys onwards – may they be in the direction of our conscious choosing! To health, happiness, and love! Cheers!

 - The Dilettante


  1. Love this post. Looking forward to hearing how you go :) x

  2. Very inspiring! It really does feel like a different year...already. Here's to focus, direction and conscious choosing.

  3. Thanks you guys... Wishing us all luck! M


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