Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Urgent: Do you support Same-Sex Civil Unions?

Hi all,

I apologise to those of you who come here solely to read about food.

I'm planning to post something more substantial, but if you support same-sex Civil Unions (a step down from gay marriage, but a step providing some legal rights, nonetheless) - could you please sign the following petition, from Andrew Fraser MP:

This issue is being debated at the moment, and whether or not to allow Civil Unions (not just for homosexual couples, but also for heterosexual couples who do not wish to get married but want legal rights) is being voted on in Parliament tomorrow, and the entire Liberal National Party has decided to vote against it -  which is very upsetting. This is despite Campbell Newman saying that he supports same-sex Civil Unions.

Update:  Please contact Campbell Newman's Office on 07 3844 0666 and ask him to support the LNP party members and give them their right to have a conscience vote, rather than them continuing as planned to vote against the bill as a bloc, despite their personal beliefs. He is the leader of the State Liberal and National Party, and there is still time for them to allow their members to have this conscience vote.

I have spoken to a number of offices of Labor MPs - and at least three Labor party MPs - Mr Michael Choi - CAPALABA, Mrs Margaret Keech - ALBERT and Mrs Jo-Ann Miller - BUNDAMBA, as well as most of the Independent MPs - are voting against it, and they do not support same-sex Civil Unions.  

I believe that the Speaker, and MP for Logan, John Mickel - will most likely vote against Civil Unions if the vote is tied and he is given the opportunity to vote.

Please contact your MP - whose contact details you can find here - http://www.qgd.qld.gov.au/legislative_assembly.html - and give them your opinion on same-sex Civil Unions, whatever your opinion may be. They are here to represent your views.

Ultimately, all we can ask is that people vote for what they think is right. But unfortunately, certain groups are putting a lot of pressure on MPs to vote against this important bill, and MPs are telling me they are hearing from very few people who are in support of same-sex Civil Unions.

Same-sex Civil Unions don't cause harm to anybody. They don't even affect or impact anybody outside of the relationship. Please help us in our step for legal recognition of our rights, our love and our long-term, monogamous relationships.

Matt (The Dilettante)

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