Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fresh, Australian Biodynamic Garlic

Hi all,

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and have had some time to relax. Sadly, the weekend is coming to a close, and it is still dreadfully hot here where we are. It has been a very busy one, with some family birthdays and (as always) a whole heap of running around, but now it's time to kick back with some crushed ice and some tequila, and graze on little delicious morsels for dinner.

We're having a variation on a raw recipe for dinner - marinated stuffed mushrooms filled with walnut-spinach pesto and pine nut based cheese. We also have some delicious leftover eggplant pasta sauce, based on a Latin American mojo lemon/garlic/olive oil and onion sauce, with some tomatoes added for richness. I might serve the mushrooms on a bed of this (and maybe some truffle oil for good measure!)

Last week, I decided to splurge a little bit and buy something I had heard so much about - some beautiful, fresh "Glamour Garlic", from Patrice Newell's biodynamic farm in New South Wales. As you would know, garlic is one of those things that is great to buy organic/biodynamic - to ensure it hasn't been irradiated, bleached, or treated with hazardous chemicals like methyl bromide.

Doesn't it look biodynamically farm-fresh!
So I now have around about 17 bulbs of this stuff that I would love to find great use for, and not just in standard recipes. I'm looking for recipes that really show off the complex and delicious flavour of garlic, letting it really shine, without too much confusion from lots of cooking or other flavours. I've already used it in Dreena Burton's fabulous "creamy hummus", and it really took it to the next level. It isn't just "hot" like garlic can be, it's quite strong, but somehow delicate and multi-layered.

Can you please recommend some of your favourite recipes that would show off the fabulous flavour of this garlic?


  1. what delicious food you have in your kitchen!

    I have only discovered that garlic has a season this year so I am a bit of a novice at eating the right stuff but I do love to roast a whole bulb of garlic and put it in a soup or a dip - it goes very well with white beans or peas in soup or in crostini (there is a recipe in Nigella's How to Cook) - of course there is also garlic bread and topping a soup with gremolata - hope to hear what you end up doing with it

  2. Aioli sounds great! I can't believe we didn't think of that. I haven't had aioli in ages...

    We had it with garlic bread. It's funny how subtly different the taste is. I suppose it's the same as the difference between cheap tomatoes and proper tomatoes. Just delicious.


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