Friday, 21 October 2011

Boozy Mexican-Inspired Iced-Chocolate

I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen, but when I get home from work, I just want to stay home. If I've turned the TV on, started reading a book, or had a snack, chances are - I'm gonna stay at home. Generally this is fine - when I go out to dinner with friends, I plan it so that we have an early dinner, and meet even a little earlier. This way I can just swoop home, feed Sylvia, and head out again, without getting comfortable.

Sylvia. Feel the eyes of judgement? How do I cook under these conditions?!

But the above scenario is so idealistic it makes me vibrate with happiness. Reality doesn't always happen that way. Quite often, dinner/catching up with friends and family is at 7:30pm, or in the case of my friend Ang, who swings by after work on Thursdays, 9:30pm (but at least I don't have to leave home for that!). And I cherish Ang's visits - I sit in my pyjamas (James is at dance rehearsal, so I don't have to keep the illusion of perfection up), her in her work uniform (and what an interesting uniform that is...), and we watch the greatest TV series  in the history of the Earth - "The Comeback" starring Lisa Kudrow, whilst eating desserts.

The Issue
So it happened the other night was my Step-Mother's birthday dinner,  but, shock-horror, it wasn't until 7:30. How could I possibly motivate myself to get up back off the couch after watching the freak-show that is Iron Chef?! I knew what to do. The answer was easy. The answer was delicious. Give myself a little bit of dutch courage and a kickstart in the form of a creamy, spicy, alcoholic drink. But I didn't have a recipe to follow.

The Solution
Luckily, I was feeling unusually creative - spurred on with a laissez-faire attitude from whipping together that delicious chia pudding, and having a little leftover nut cream from the weekend. So it was decided that I would just throw some decadent things together and hope for the best, and to trust that magical alchemy would take place. Fingers crossed. And tasting something awful would probably motivate me even MORE to leave the house.

Above is my creation. And wow, this is exactly what I needed/wanted. It's a little bit spicy, with warm, cinnamony chocolatey notes, sweet from the agave nectar and fruit syrup, a delicious tang from a good slash of Cointreau and some chilli, and a whole-lot creamy, thanks to the home-made almond milk, nut cream and a big dollop of chocolate-chip-cookie-dough flavoured Cocoluscious. Purr.

A perfect Monday night drink, it gave me the strength to put my happy celebratory face back on to celebrate a birthday. I'll be back with a recipe for it soon.



  1. Her eyes! Judging me through the interwebs.
    I love your grampy ways. They match my nanna ways!

  2. matthew that looks delicious!

    congrats on the blog it looks great! xx

  3. @Susan - I know! And from such a high spot!

    @Carla, you are so sweet, thanks so much!

  4. That looks like a delicious drink and Sylvia is beautiful!

  5. I want that drink, right now. Seriously can you send me one?

    Sylvia is so cute watching over you like that!

  6. Thanks guys.. it was pretty awesome.

    But yes.. watching over me? Or keeping me in line with her iron paw of fear?


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