Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Relief for Teary Tuesday - Chain-Store Vegan Baked Goods!

So here we are, Teary Tuesday. Everyone around seems to have been hit pretty badly by Mondayitis, so I thought I’d try to bring some sunshine into our day. Tomorrow is Wednesday, we’re nearly halfway there, people. Soon it’ll be Friday, we’ll be “kickin in the back seat”, “lookin forward to the weekend” and singing that ridiculously catchy song by the ever-so-talented *cough* Rebecca Black, in our most deliciously nasal voices. I'm having rapturous shudders just thinking about it.

What could possibly make a Tuesday better, you ask? Well, duh - BAKED GOODS! And before you say that it’s too difficult to get good vegan baked goods in Brisbane/Australia (I feel you there, comrade!), there are magical little places dotted throughout Australia where you can get something sweet and doughy to tide you over before you make another batch of muffins, or another pie – Baker’s Delight!

Yes. Baker’s Delight. The generic bakery chain. Uh huh! Vegan baked goods.

A while ago, I went through their website (which has full nutritional and ingredient information for via their product search, here.) and noted all of the things other than bread that were vegan. I have to say – my favourite is the walnut and apple scroll… Mmmm. The bread is puffy, the walnuts are crunchy, the glaze is sweet, it’s just all so good.

The other great thing is – if you ask at the cash register, they can easily print you out a “receipt” with the ingredients of any of their products. Score! Thank me when you’re eating a finger bun. Bonus tip for Brisbane viewers - Zone Fresh have vegan things, too - like their baklava. They use glucose syrup instead of honey. *Drool*. Bonus picture 1: An awesome person holding delicious home-made Berry Creme Pie with Cocoa-Olive Crust (recipe!). Bonus picture 2: A crazy person devouring a finger bun.


Now all we have to do is convince Coles and Woolworths to start using vegan margarine (theirs has animal fats in it). If they did this, most of their baked goods would be accidentally vegan!

Here is my list of the vegan products at Baker's Delight (please note that ingredients change, so be sure to check for yourself before consuming, if you’re vegan):

Sweet Chilli, Mustard and Sesame Seed Rodini
Herb and Garlic Focaccia
Berry Scroll
Apple and cinnamon scroll
Jam filled bunlet
Jam scroll
Apple scroll
Fruit bunlet
Boston bun
Iced fruit bun
Fruit bun
Blueberry Filled Bunlet
Apple and cinnamon filled bunlet
Coffee scroll
Apple and Walnut Scroll
Cinnamon Log
Apple and Walnut Ring
Apple Ring
Apple and Almond Log
Apple and Walnut Log
Apple and Blueberry Log
Apple Log
Jam Log
Apple and Apricot Ring
Hot cross bun
Apple and Cinnamon Teatime
Blueberry Teatime
Fit2Go Bar - Cranberry and Nut
Coffee and Date Roll
Coffee and Date Log
Apricot Delight Scroll
Apricot Delight Log
Finger Bun – Coconut
Finger Bun – Cinnamon
Finger Bun – Plain
Jam Bunlet with Pink Fondant
Jam Filled Bunlet with Chocolate Fondant and 100s and 1000s
Jam Filled Bunlet with Chocolate Fondant



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