Monday, 19 September 2011

Music Monday!

Music News
Kate Bush has officially announced the release of her next album 50 Words for Snow, scheduled to come out 21 November this year. The 65 minute long album is comprised of 7 tracks: "Snowflakes", "Lake Tahoe", "Misty", "Wildman", "Snowed In A Wheeler Street", "50 Words for Snow", and "Among Angels". This is her second album this year (following Director's Cut in May), but her first album of entirely new material since 2005's Aerial. I'm very interested to hear it, perhaps even a bit excited, but it's a serious shame about the album artwork. Yikes.

Tori Amos' new album "Night of Hunters" is officially released tomorrow!! (Tuesday 20 September). I'm a little bit ridiculously excited. It has been streaming on NPR for about a week and a bit now, so if you really can't wait for a day, it's there. Otherwise, go and buy it!
In other news, Australia isn't down with it all and we're not getting it until Thursday (23).
And for those dedicated fans: the song "Star Whisperer" is that song from Abnormally Attracted to Sin that wasn't orchestrated in time for its release.

What We're Listening To
James, The Academic:
I'm currently a little obsessed with HK119. Björk brought her to the world's attention 2004, and the world said "Lol Byork, y u so funny" and ignored her, so her videos have about 1000 views each. It's very lo-fi, but I love the material from her second album, particularly "Divine", and "C'est La Vie".
We're also playing Juliana Hatfield's latest There's Always Another Girl pretty much to death. I'm playing Aimee Mann's Lost In Space pretty much on repeat. (despite what everyone else says) without a doubt her best album; every song is wonderful.
And, much to Matt's shame, I'm also listening to bits and pieces of Kylie Minogue's Impossible Princess (which would have been a better album if someone else had sung it).

What are you listening to?

James also has a blog where he reviews pop music. Or just whatever music he happens to be listening to. And occasionally not pop music. And occasionally he just gushes. Acceptable Pop Music.

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